Posted by: everythingcupcakes | March 23, 2008

South Park Tssst Birthday Cake

As my fiancé’s (Joel) birthday neared, he requested that I make his favorite cupcake, which is Gone Bananas (chocolate cake filled with banana mousse and topped with chocolate buttercream), into a cake and decorate it with a South Park theme. I remember watching a South Park episode with him which featured Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer. This episode made Joel watch the actual show and since then he has been using Cesar’s techniques on our first pup Sydney. He also decided he wanted to become a dog trainer and is now certified through Animal Behavior College (ABC).

So on that note, I figured that I make his cake based on this picture since he loves South Park and Cesar Milan!

South Park Tsst Cake

As you can see… He loved his cake!

Bday boy and his cake



  1. You did a great job on this cake! Very nice detail!

  2. Your wickedly brilliant! I love that cake! The best part is the “tsst!” Great work!!!!


  3. my son name is timmy he will be 30 the 22 of nov
    he wants a south park timmy cake for his party and i dont know what or how to do it.

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