Posted by: everythingcupcakes | May 3, 2008

Past Projects

I was asked to make a Baptism Cake based on colors of a Precious Moment figurine. She gave me creative freedom and just asked I make a Red Velvet cake, filled with Cannoli Cream, and topped with Chocolate Buttercream. When she came to pick up her son’s cake, she was so pleased with the detailed decoration that she did not want to bother placing the figurine on the cake!

Baptism Cake

Details of the cross:
Cross Details


I was asked by a friend to make a cupcake cake for a 30th wedding anniversary for a surprise party. Her parents got hitched in Vegas so while at my desk we were deciding what theme to use. Someone pops in overhearing our conversation and said said why not a poker theme? So I went along with the idea and here is the outcome!

Cards: Red Velvet cupcake cake topped with Buttercream + Surrounding cupcakes: Red Velvet cake topped with Cream Cheese Frosting = Very Happy Customers!

Vegas Themed Anniversary Cupcakes

Anniversary cupcakes



  1. wow!

    didnt notice how the big ‘cakes’ are made up of cupcakes!


    GR8 JOB….

  2. Wow these are soo good!

  3. its simply marvelous!

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