Posted by: everythingcupcakes | March 3, 2010

Tribute to Cupcake Wars and Monsterfriends

I don’t know what I was thinking but when I saw a message on my Facebook inbox from Jen about a casting call for Cupcake Wars, I could not let the opportunity pass me by! So I replied to the casting call. CRAAAAZAAAY! On my way home that day, I really didn’t expect to hear back but I got an email from the casting member and he wanted me to fill out an application… a few days later they wanted a video of why I should be on the show! OMG!!!

So by now my mind was racing in overdrive thinking about what I should say, make, and who my partner would be. Who better than Karen my crazy cake lady buddy to help me out. Now what to make! 2010 winter Olympic snowboarders and our guest appearance from Monterfriends, Robotkid ( ).

Joel my hubster was my lifesaver and worked all day and night to direct, film and edit my video with his brother’s creative direction. Meaning, I dressed up like Rocky, got antiqued for “makeup”, did triceps pumps with flour, ran in the snow with confectioner sugar, did my awesome kung fu moves with my whisk and rolling pin… at 9PM when the video was due in about an hour! All worth it!!! because now my video is going to be reviewed by the producers. I’m super excited and can’t sleep at night. Now it’s the waiting game.. 2 weeks til I find out.

Check out the video on youtube:



  1. Audrey,

    I can’t wait to see you on tv.

    Your site makes me hungry.

    Do you deliver to DC?!


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